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XO BGD-006 phone Stand holder / mic holder / Ring light

XO Phone Stand Holder / Mic Holder / Ring Light black

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XO Phone Stand Holder / Mic Holder / Ring Light black :



XO phone stand holder with LED lamp 3.5 inch with microphone holder black L02

The XO brand phone stand with a 3.5 LED inch lamp is perfect for filming, photographing or streaming at home. An additional element is a special holder designed for mounting a microphone. Thanks to the natural brightness of the light, the photo will be properly sharp and the skin will become fresh, relaxed and relaxed. Photography taken at night or during the day is not a problem – the lamp allows you to adjust the lighting at any time to the current conditions. The comfort of the gadget in the form of a lamp makes it easier to obtain excellent quality photos, so that they are not blurred or too dark.

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