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Ldnio Ασύρματος Φορτιστής (Qi Pad) Λευκός (Y3)

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Ldnio Ασύρματος Φορτιστής (Qi Pad) Λευκός (Y3):

Opt for functional solutions. The bedside lamp offers pleasant illumination and adjustability. It will also serve you as a magnetic charger with 15 watts of power, which will renew the energy in a short time, for example, in your phone. The modern, minimalist design will make LDNIO Y3 a great addition to almost any decor.

Take care of the right atmosphere

The light uses an RGB model and offers the ability to customize the lighting to your preference. Just swipe your finger on the touch panel to change the color and create the right atmosphere. You can also set a neutral and pleasant color of 3500 K, which is perfect for almost any interior.

Wireless charging

LDNIO Y3 allows you to charge your devices quickly and wirelessly. The base of the light has a smart panel that detects your equipment and automatically adjusts the supply of energy at the right level for it. You can charge your phone or headphones with up to 15 watts of power!

Thoughtful design

With its modern and minimalist design, the light will fit perfectly into almost any environment. The USB-C port will allow for a seamless power supply, and thanks to the silicone finish, the device will not slip and will stay in place, providing safe charging for your devices. What’s more, the built-in touch panel is intuitive and child’s play to use.

Manufacturer LDNIO
Model Y3
Input power 5V/3A, 9V/2.22A, 12V/1.67A
Wireless output 15W Max
Rated power 0.6W(10×0.2W)
Material ABS + PC + Silicone
Color White

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