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Jimi Home JM-GTW5N RJ45, 5-in-1 Τέστερ καλωδίων 5τμχ

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Jimi Home JM-GTW5N RJ45, 5-in-1 Τέστερ καλωδίων 5τμχ:

If you are professionally involved in the maintenance and configuration of Internet networks, the JM-GTW5N kit will be the perfect companion for your work. The kit consists of: a two-piece signal tester, cable crimper, stripping knife and RJ45 plugs, all enclosed in one handy and attractive case. It’s a set that will allow you to work with most of the available coaxial cables on the market.

Multifunctional tester

Thanks to the tester you will easily check the quality of the transmitted signal, and thus, a perfect connection along the entire length of the cable. Thanks to the detachable design, you will check the connection even on the longest cables that have already been installed in the wall to quickly diagnose breaks in the connection. The tester will check RJ11 and RJ45 cables automatically, just plug them into the appropriate sockets and the signal will start transferring between them. There are 2 signal transfer speeds available.

Durable and multifunctional crimper

The crimping tool for RJ45 connectors will allow you not only to place the plug on the cable, but also to shorten the cable to the desired length and remove the insulation from it. This is an extremely convenient device that will save you space and time. In addition, the crimper is equipped with a safety device that will not only protect the blade, but also your hands from injury, and comfortable rubber handles, will prevent accidental slipping from your hands.

Quick stripping of insulation

Completing the set will be a handy knife for stripping and nailing insulation. Its small size will ensure that it can always be in your pocket, and the wire construction makes it sturdy at the same time. You can fit the cutter to wires of different cross-sections, so you can remove the insulation without damaging the wires inside.


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